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Cooling Systems Inspections

Cooling System Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• open readily openable access panels
• inspect the central cooling equipment
• inspect distribution systems
• describe the energy sources for the cooling systems

The inspector is not obligated to:
• inspect electronic air cleaning, sanitizing devices
• determine the cooling supply adequacy, distribution balance
• inspect cooling units that are not permanently installed
• inspect cooling systems using ground-source, water-source, solar, renewable energy technologies

Checklist of common Cooling System Issues
 Blocked condensate drain lines
 Rusty HVAC condensation pans
 P-traps missing at condensate drain pipes
 Caps missing at condensate drain pipe clean out locations
 Condensate drain pipes with negative slope
 Supply verses return temperature differentials less than 15 degrees
 Loose or missing HVAC duct insulation around supply boots
 Moisture stains on ceilings in proximity to HVAC supply registers
 Moisture stains on the subflooring below HVAC supply floor registers
 Moisture stains on building materials from sweating HVAC supply ducts
 Moisture stains on ceilings under pinched HVAC supply ducts in the attic above
 Air conditioning (or heat pump) systems that are beyond their life expectancy of 10 to 15 years
 Missing HVAC refrigerant line insulation
 Exterior condenser units that are not level

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