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Dripping Tub Spout

Drip at Tub SpoutDuring a recent home inspection we discovered that one of the tub spouts was dripping. This is actually a rather common occurrence in homes. When the water is diverted to the shower head all of the water supply should flow up to the head. In other words no water should drip out of the tub spout when taking a shower.

When there is a drip at the spout it is the result of the valve inside of the spout not diverting all of the water up to the shower head. While the drip or stream of water might not seem like a big deal it can cause some severe problems long term. When this condition occurs it is not on common from the drip or stream to catch the bottom edge of the spout and run back towards the wall.

If the spout is not properly caulked to the wall the water could get in to the wall system and run down to the subflooring. When studs, plates and/or subflooring is exposed to cycles of wet, dry, and then wet again wood rot will likely result. Severe wood rot can become a structural issue. Be sure that your tub spouts are properly sealed to the fiberglass or tile shower walls. If water is dripping or streaming from the spout the diverter should be adjusted or replaced by a plumbing professional.

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