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Exposed Electrical Connections

Exposed Electrical ConnectionDuring a recent home inspection we came across an exposed electrical connection in the attic. While there were a few other electrical issues discovered during the home inspection we wanted to take a minute to talk about exposed electrical connections in general. All electrical connections between two sets of wires should be connected properly and concealed inside an electrical junction box.

Exposed electrical connections can be a safety issue for home owners. In this photo you can clearly see an exposed electrical connection between the attic fan and the home electrical wiring. Wire nuts were used and the connection appears to be solid. However, the wire nuts should not be visible. If someone were to touch the wires while walking through the attic they may get an electrical shock.

The installer of this attic fan had two options when applying electrical power. First, the wire nuts could have been placed inside the switch box that came with the fan. Another option would be to install an electrical junction box on the truss top cord next to the fan and place the electrical connection inside. In either case the wires entering the switch box and/or junction box should be properly secured with wire clamps. If installed properly the wire clamps will keep the wire nuts from coming loose if someone accidentally pulled on the electrical supply wire.

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