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Exterior Door Jamb Wood Rot

Exterior Door Jamb Wood RotDuring a recent home inspection we discovered some exterior door jamb wood rot. Unfortunately this is a rather common issue due to lack of home owner maintenance. As you can see from the photo the jamb is not completely sealed with paint. Additionally you can see that the bottom part of the jamb appears to have been replaced at some point in the past.

This exterior door is the garage service door on the side of the home. There is no roof overhang to protect the door and it’s wood jambs. With regular maintenance this exterior door jamb wood rot could have been avoided. Home owners should keep all wood services completely sealed with paint. Additionally, any gaps between the wood and the metal jamb should be sealed with caulk. The caulk can prevent water from soaking up under the edge of the wood jamb and rotting out the wood from below.

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