Fireplace Inspections

Fireplace Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• inspect fuel-burning fireplaces, stoves, inserts
• inspect fuel-burning accessories installed in fireplaces
• inspect chimney, vent systems

The inspector is not obligated to:
• inspect interiors of vent systems, flues, chimneys that are not readily accessible
• inspect fire screens, doors
• inspect seals, gaskets
• inspect mantles, fireplace surrounds
• inspect combustion air components and adequacy
• inspect heat distribution assists
• inspect outdoor fuel-burning fireplaces and appliances
• determine draft characteristics
• move fireplace inserts, stoves, firebox contents

Checklist of common Fireplace Issues
 Moisture stains or rust present inside a prefabricated fire box
 Rusty chimney flue and/or chimney cap
 Cracked or broken refractory panels inside a prefabricated the firebox
 Cracks in masonry fire bricks or gaps in the mortar between the bricks

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