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Heating System Inspections

Heating System Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• open readily openable access panels
• inspect the installed heating equipment
• inspect the vent systems, flues, chimneys
• inspect the distribution systems
• describe the energy sources used for heating

The inspector is not obligated to:
• inspect interiors of vent systems, flues, chimneys not readily accessible
• inspect heat exchangers
• inspect humidifiers, dehumidifiers
• inspect electric air cleaning or sanitizing devices
• inspect heating systems using ground source, water source, solar or renewable energy technologies
• inspect heat recovery, whole house mechanical ventilation systems
• determine heat supply adequacy, distribution balance
• determine the adequacy of combustion air components

Checklist of common Heating System Issues
 Rooms or large closets without a HVAC supply register
 Noisy HVAC supply registers
 Heat pump systems that have less than a 15 to 20 degree differential from the supply register to the return register
 HVAC ducts that are not properly insulated
 Pinched or disconnected HVAC ducts
 Furnace systems that are beyond their life expectancy of 18 to 25 years
 The presence of asbestos insulating products
 Gas furnace vent ducts that do not have positive slope to the exterior
 Flexible gas lines entering furnace cabinets
 Dirty return air filters
 Dirt around supply registers

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