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Hot and Cold Reversed at Shower

Reversed Hot ColdDuring a recent home inspection we came across a shower head that had the hot and cold reversed. All of the other showers in the home were working properly. The hot water should always be to the left when you stand in front of the shower valve. Of course that would place the cold water on the right side of the valve. For single lever faucets the valve opens from cold and then counter clockwise to hot.

The reason that all showers and/or tubs are setup this way is to prevent a surprise for your family members or guests. People expect the hot water to be to the left when turning the valve on. Therefore they generally move the valve to the left until warm water comes out. At that time they make adjustments until the water feels comfortable to them. You do not want someone to set the valve to the right, walk away for minute, and then come back and step in to a scolding hot shower.

If your hot and cold waster is reversed I recommend having a plumbing professional correct the problem. Often shower valves can be reversed by removing the handle and adjusting the cartridge inside. Unfortunately when I attempt to do my own plumbing repairs it nearly always results in something going wrong (like a leak). So my advice is to leave the plumbing repairs to the professionals!

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