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Insulation Inspections

Insulation Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• inspect insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces
• describe absence of insulation in unfinished spaces at conditioned surfaces

The inspector is not obligated to:
• disturb the insulation

Checklist of common Insulation Issues
 Rodent droppings in the attic or crawl space
 Dead rodents in the attic or crawl space
 Gaps or large areas of insulation missing in the attic
 Uninsulated open chases from attic spaces to lower levels
 Rodents nesting in crawl space floor insulation
 Missing floor insulation in the crawl space
 Hollow-core attic access doors that are not insulated
 Missing pull-down attic stair insulation
 Missing insulation at attic access panels

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