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Moisture Stains on Wall and Ceiling near the Dryer Vent

Dryer VentDuring a recent home inspection we discovered moisture stains on wall and ceiling near the dryer vent. In this home the laundry room was located on the second floor. The dryer vent connection box is recessed in the wall behind the location of the clothes dryer. The vent runs vertically up the wall and continues through the attic and terminates through the roof above.Dryer Vent

After inspecting the metal dryer duct that traveled through the attic it was determined that condensation was developing on the pipe and dripping down to the ceiling below. We recommend that the duct be inspected and cleaned out if necessary by a HVAC or duct cleaning company. If condensation continues to still be a problem the home owner should consider relocating the duct pipe with the shortest run possible to the exterior.

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