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Roofing Inspections

Roofing Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• inspect the roofing materials
• inspect the roof drainage systems
• inspect the flashing
• inspect the skylights, chimneys and roof penetrations
• describe the methods used to inspect the roofing

The inspector is not obligated to:
• inspect any antennas
• inspect the interiors of vent systems, flues, chimneys
• inspect any roof accessories

Checklist of common Roofing Issues
 Flashing between siding and roof shingles should be visible
 Lack of proper shingle drip edge along the fascia
 Tree branches too close to the fascia or roof
 New shingles around skylights (there could be some hidden moisture damage in the attic)
 Roof shingles that have granules wearing off
 Loose or missing asphalt shingle tabs
 Moisture stains on the attic side of the roof sheathing
 Roof mounted satellite dishes
 Plumbing vent pipe flashing that is not properly tucked under the shingles on the top and sides
 Brittle and cracked vent pipe flashing

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