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Structural Issues in Historical Homes

Termite Damage in GarageDuring a recent inspection of a historical homes we discovered numerous issues in most of our Standards of Practice inspection categories. The foundation was made of brick with brick piers and some newer masonry block piers. The floor structure was wood joists and the subflooring was a combination of wood planks (original) and plywood (from renovations). The wall structure was wood frame (not visible) with wood ceiling joists, rafters and wood planks for the roof sheathing.

During the inspection we observed the following structural issues:

  • There is some termite damage on the right side garage wall.
  • The floor in the 3rd floor front bedroom slopes toward the fireplace.
  • The 3rd floor hallway is not level.
  • The floor in the 2nd floor front bedroom slopes toward the fireplace.
  • The 2nd floor hallway is not level.
  • There are some cracks in the wall under the first floor office windows. There may be some settling or insect damage at these locations.
  • The floor in the dining room slopes toward the fireplace.
  • There is wood in contact with the ground next to one of the piers under the kitchen addition.
  • The floor in the living room slopes toward the fireplace.
  • Extra untreated 2×4 bracing has been added under the front porch.

Slopes in FloorsWhen it comes to historic homes people generally know that the home is far from perfect. Buyers are looking for the location and historic charm more than anything else. Most of these homes have had a tremendous amount of work over the years. Additions and updating are very common. Sometimes homes are converted to multifamily units and then later converted back to their original purpose.

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