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Ventilation Inspections

Ventilation Inspection Standards

The inspector should:
• inspect ventilation of attics and foundation areas
• inspect kitchen, bathroom, laundry and similar exhaust systems
• inspect clothes dryer exhaust system

Checklist of common Ventilation Issues
 Bath fans venting into the attic or crawl space
 Dryer vent hoods and ducts that are clogged with lint
 Fungus growth on floor joists, beams and subflooring in crawl spaces
 Moisture damage and/or fungus growth on the subfloor/joists below a tile shower
 Gas cooktops without ventilation to the exterior
 Proper installation and performance of cooktop ventilation system and ductwork
 Crawl space floors without a complete plastic moisture barrier
 Evidence of water flowing through a crawl space during heavy rain events
 Standing water inside a crawl space
 Dead rodent or animal carcasses in the crawl space
 Moisture readings in wood structural members greater than 18%.
 Inoperative attic fans
 Changes to the home, such as spray foam insulation, that may affect the performance of gas fired appliances
 Visible termite tubes inside the crawl space or around the perimeter of the foundation walls

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