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Warped Vinyl Siding

Warped Vinyl SidingDuring a recent home inspection we discovered that a large section of warped vinyl siding on the left side of the home. At first glance it seemed reasonable that the hot water tank direct vent might have contributed to the warped siding. After all, it appeared that the siding was warped from excess heat. But after looking at the wall from the garage side there was no evidence that the vent overheated and caused the vinyl siding to warp. Another common source for vinyl siding warping is from a portable patio grill to be too close to the siding when cooking out. In this case, however, the patio was on the rear of the home and the warped vinyl was too large of a section.

Warped Vinyl SidingAnother interesting observation is that the siding was also warped below a window and a good distance from the hot water tank vent. At the time of the home inspection the cause of the warped vinyl siding was inconclusive. When we were called back for a reinspection the vinyl siding had been replaced and appeared to be in good order.

It was at the reinspection that the true cause of the warped vinyl siding was discovered. On this day, unlike the day of the original inspection, it was clear and sunny. When we walked around the home to inspect the replaced siding I felt a warm sensation on the back of my neck. I turned to look behind me and discovered that the Sun was reflecting radiant rays off of the neighbors twin window on the second floor. I turns out that the heat from the Sun’s rays was the true cause of the warped vinyl siding.

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