Checklist of Exterior Issues

  • Gaps and crack in wood siding and trim
  • Cracks or openings in exterior stucco surfaces
  • Warped or buckled vinyl siding
  • Rotten fascia boards
  • Rotten wood porch ceilings
  • Rain entering the attic space at gable vents
  • Rodents entering attic spaces
  • Rust spots on wood trim or siding from nails that are not galvanized
  • Flashing between roof surfaces and siding should be visible
  • Soil, pine straw or mulch from contact with siding
  • Inadequate surface drainage away from the foundation walls
  • Exterior steps or porches without hand railing
  • Loose deck boards
  • Screens missing or damaged at the foundation vents
  • Lack of flashing between the siding and a masonry foundation
  • Water pooling on a balcony surface
  • Loose exterior hand railing
  • Exterior doors that hit or rub against the door frame
  • Damaged exterior door weather stripping
  • Exterior doors that do not lock properly
  • Exterior door jambs that are rotting
  • Exterior metal doors that are rusting
  • Corroded or rusty exterior flashing
  • Damaged or missing dryer vent covers on exterior walls
  • Missing bath fan termination covers at exterior walls or soffits
  • Missing or damaged weather-stripping around the garage door

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