Termite Tubes

Termite Tubes on a Foundation Pier

Did you know that subterranean termites create mud tunnels (often called termite tubes) in order to travel from the ground up in to your house? These termites that nest in the ground beneath and around your home have soft bodies that will not survive outside of the soil, the mud tunnels that they build or inside the wood members of your home. The photo above was taken in a crawl space from one of our inspections. This termite tube traveled up the foundation pier inside this crawl space.

Termite Tubes Inside an Exterior Foundation Wall

If you encounter mud tunnels similar to these inside your crawl space or on the exterior of your foundation wall you should contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible. Many homeowners have a termite bond that they purchased from a licensed pest control company or that was transferred to them when they purchased the home. This bond usually covers any repairs from termite damage at no cost to the home owner.

Homeowner Tips

  1. Visually inspect your home’s foundation walls monthly
  2. Contact your termite contractor if you see any signs of termite tubes
  3. If you have a termite bond on your home the repairs should not cost you any money

Note: While the identification of termite tubes goes beyond the Standards of Practice of the home inspection industry it is common practice for a Home Inspector to point out such observations.

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